Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Stollen

December’s Daring Baker’s challenge was Stollen. I had never made Stollen, and it turned out to be an interesting challenge!

I made candied orange peel, which was a disaster the first time around. The second time, with a little help from the hubby, it was a success.

The dough was made the night before, rested in the fridge over night, where is quickly doubled in size.

When I was ready to use the dough, I pinched it down, kneaded, and rolled the dough out into a rectangle. Then I rolled the dough, and forgot to divide, so it ended up being a huge loaf of stollen. Shaped the rolled dough into a ‘wreath’, cut the edges of the dough, and allowed to rise before baking. I was surprised how much the dough continued to rise before baking.

I was then ready to bake, which took about 40 minutes. I let the loaf cool slightly before putting the first of several coats of powdered sugar on the crust.

Great Challenge, thanks!

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  1. Your stollen turned out great! I too really enjoyed this challenge :)