Sunday, February 28, 2010

Daring Baker’s Tiramisu

What an awesome challenge! I love tiramisu, the creamy paired with the soaked biscuits, yum!

IMG_6082 (800x533)

I have never attempted to make tiramisu totally from scratch, but I really enjoyed it. The recipe wasn't hard, but had several components and required set-aside time and prior planning.

Recipe from Aparna at My Diverse Kitchen and Deeba at Passionate About Baking. See their blogs for full recipes. Too much retyping!

I just got back from an awesome wedding, so this is going to be a picture post, and a little late at that too!

IMG_6050 (800x523)

The savoiardi biscuits, before baking.

IMG_6057 (800x533)

Port used in the zabaglione. I hadn’t used port in baking before, neat opportunity to use a favorite spirit.

IMG_6063 (800x532)

The Zabaglione folded with the mascarpone and pastry cream, before adding the whipped cream.

IMG_6066 (800x517)

Putting the tiramisu together. I used a small dish, and placed plastic wrap in the dish before layering, because I wanted to de-mold the dessert.

IMG_6074 (800x533)

The tiramisu didn’t de-mold the way I wanted it to, next time I will layer it in the dish I intend to serve it in.

Happy Baking!


  1. That's a good looking tiramisu. If you stick it into the freezer for a bit, you'll be able to demold it your way.Well done!!

  2. Good to know, I will do that next time! Thanks for the great challenge!

  3. It still looks perfectly fine to me. Great job on the challenge =)