Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkins and Lobsters!

Halloween. I've never been into costumes, mainly because I am not creative enough to think up an amazing costume idea.  But I do love other things associated with Halloween, like dressing our adorable pug up in silly costumes, showing off our costumed dog, and baking awesome treats!


Since we now live further away from both families, I wanted to get
together some care packages in put in the mail. What better than super cute pumpkins?


I used Americolor food color gels in the royal icing, which I am now obsessed with.

For the faces, I tried out new Wilton food color pens. I had never
used them before, but they were perfect for the little pumpkin faces! I let the royal icing on the cookies dry overnight, then they were all ready to be drawn on. These pens worked so well I will have to find more cookie excuses to use the pens!


Look how cute these little pumpkins look as they found their way into a little jar, ready jump in a box and mail out. Some even made it to hubby's work, along with some Neighborly Mini Chip cookies, which I will tell you more about later!


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  1. I can give you my address so you can ship me those cookies....